psycho.jpegAlfred Hitchcock. Psycho 1960
I am a big fan of slasher movies and this film is one of the beginnings of many of the themes that are dominant in slasher films.
This film starts when officeworker Marion Crane is given $40,000.00 to bank for her employer she steals it so she can marry her boy friend Sam Loomis who has to pay most of his money for alimony. She flees the city and stops at the Bates Motel owned by Norman Bates to rest for the night, signing in with a false name. She has a small meal with him and he watches her through a peep hole in here room. She is killed in the night as she is taking a shower by seemingly an old woman, Norman Bates mother. Norman hides the body and her car in a near by swamp to cover up what his mother did. The money is never found but is lost in the swamp with Marion's body and car. A week later her sister Lila, Sam, and a private investigator Arbogast began to look for her. Arbogast finds her hand writing at the hotel and tell Sam and Marion, when going back to look for move evidence he is killed by Norman's mother. When Sam and Lila report him missing to the sheriff they find out that Norman's mom is dead. They go back to the motel where Lila finds Normans mother's remains and Norman is captured by Sam as he charges at her. Norman is revealed to have a split personalty one half his mom and is sent to a mental institution. The film ends as it shows the car being pulled out of the swamp.
my thoughs
I have seen both the original and the remake and the original is a far better film. This is one of the best films that I have ever seen. Like I said in the little opening this film is one of the first I have seen that shows the beginnings of many of the things that would be seen in later horror movies. I am not the only one to enjoy this film as it is one of Time magazines top 100 movies.
This film is about peoples desires (Morris 47-51 '96).
Hitch Cock did not like Psycho and almost sliced up the film for TV (Sullivan 20-8) .
When this film originally aired no one was allowed to enter the theater after it started (Sullivan 20-8).

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