All I did to make this page was to type the title on the main page and hit the "link" button at the top. It is very easy!
Keep in mind this is a sample. Please don't use Bill and Ted. I'm not making any judgments here, but the film you pick should have some academic credibility. Keep in mind your film should be pre-1980. Feel free to link to other pages by clicking the link button above.
The page you design should look like this:

Film Information and Synopsis

Release Date: 1989
Director: Stephen Herek
Short Synopsis Bill and Ted are two very intelligent scholars that travel through time meeting important historical figures and engaging in the essential philosophical debates of each era. (You should write about 100 words or so.)

My Review:

This is one of the few times in class when I actually do want your subjective opinion. Give me your best Gene Siskel or Leonard Maltin. This should be around 250-500 words.

Academic Analysis:

Why is this film important? What does it do that separates it from films that were ultimately forgotten? Is it “American” in any way? Unlike the review, I’m looking for objectivity here. Write about the film thoughtfully and provide a careful analysis. (250-500 words)


You’ll need to look in three different places: books, academic journals, and websites. As you do this research, I encourage you to record your findings in RefWorks or Zotero.
Books: You can find books in our library, UNLV’s library, the public library, Google Scholar, etc.
Academic Journals: The best place to find these articles is in our library databases. See the tutorial on WebCampus.
Websites: Everyone knows how to find websites, but can you find sites that are actually authoritative?
Once you’ve done your research, I’d like you to report it in this manner:
a. Books
Cite three books here in MLA format. Both Refworks and Zotero should be able to output this material automatically for you. Under each citation, provide a brief description of the item and why it will be helpful for someone researching this topic. For example:

Springer, John Parris. Hollywood Fictions: The Dream Factory in American Popular Literature. Tulsa: University of Oklahoma Press, 2000. Print. This book contains a chapter on West’s Day of the Locusts and its filmic adaptation. It makes a strong argument for the idea that the book is designed in short, visual fragments much like a filmic montage, allowing for a “faithful” but ultimately unsatisfactory adaptation to screen.

(Do this with two other books)

b. Academic Journals

Cite three articles here. They should be peer-reviewed. Be careful not to cite magazines or newspapers here, as these sources also can appear in online searches in our databases. For each citation, provide a short description of the content and why it will be helpful.

Blyn, Robin. "Imitating the Siren: West's Day of the Locust and the Subject of Sound." Literature Film Quarterly. Print. This article discusses filmic representations of disasters and contains a small section on Day of the Locust. It argues that the mob scene at the end serves as an external symbol of America’s obsession with movies and an internal symbol of the protagonist’s mental instability.

(Do this with two other journal articles)

c. Websites

Cite three websites here (using the same format as above)

Ultimately, you will have a small annotated bibliography about your topic. Again, you aren’t required to use this topic for your final paper, but it might make your life a little easier if you did. I’ll be grading this assignment on the quality of your presentation as well as the quality of the resources that you select.